Close to Nature

True to you

How We Procure?

We minimise processing and maximise health by preserving nature's true values in every product.

Caffeine Free
Farm Fresh
Handpicked Ingredients
Manual Processing
Nutrient Retention
No Preservatives
FSSAI Approved

Every Single Purchase is Empowering a Farmer

We Partner with Farmers

Farmers are our core team members. We work with them hand-in-hand, providing resources and sharing knowledge so they can grow even more bountiful harvests.

We Source from Farmers

Each ingredient we use in our product comes from the fields nurtured by our dedicated farmers, ensuring only nature's wellness reaches your table.

We Credit the Farmers

The hardworking farmers are the heart and soul of our dreams, and we never miss a chance to credit them with recognition and profit.

Cheers to Happy Customers!

Here's what some of them have to say...

Love the tea ☕. Marvellous

Love the tea ☕. Marvellous. Everything fine..taste, quality & quantity as compared to rate

Devendra Kumar Singh Google review

Yummyliciously ADDICTIVE 🙂

All blends of Lemon Grass Tea from Agrifeeder are yummyliciously ADDICTIVE 🙂 You don't need a reason to have tea any time of the day with these amazing flavours. KEEP IT UP

Mamta Jain Google review

Felt like I was at peace

I am everyday consumer of green tea, lemon tea honey tea but when I tried tea from Agrifeeder, I just felt like I was at peace....the aroma that u feel within your just Pleasant. It's a delicious meld of spicy.. definitely go for it, you won't be disheartened.

Vijay Jirange Google review

Immunity and metabolism booster besides being natural

Agrifeeders 'Lemongrass Tea' is a must have for people of all age groups as it is a great immunity and metabolism booster besides being natural, healthy and herbal. With its proven health benefits and unique variants, its has made tea an enjoyable beverage.

Dr Puja S Bhat Google review

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Lemongrass is a popular herb that has been used for centuries in Asian cuisine and traditional medicine.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our top asked questions about lemongrass tea, local farmers and communities

Does Agrifeeder lemongrass tea contain any caffeine?

Our Lemongrass Tea is known for being a refreshing daily brew since it’s 100% caffeine-free. It’s sustainably sourced from the rich soil in Bihar. The tea leaves are hand-picked by local farmers and sun-dried to seal in all those nutrients, so you just get a pure, wholesome drink without any artificial additions.

Are Agrifeeder products free from any adulteration?

Ensuring purity and safety is our top priority at Agrifeeder. Our farming community takes great care in cultivating ingredients the natural way, without any harmful additives or pesticides.

How does Agrifeeder contribute to supporting local farmers and communities?

Since our inception in 2017, Agrifeeder has been dedicated to empowering Bihar’s farmers. We have our farms where we work with local farmers, providing them with fair opportunities to cultivate and sell their produce. By sourcing directly from them, we ensure they receive recognition and fair remuneration for their hard work, fostering local community development.


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