Why Lemongrass Tea is a Caffeine-Free Dream?

Why Lemongrass Tea is a Caffeine-Free Dream?

While many enjoy a good cup of tea, did you know not all teas are created equal? Many popular blends like black and green contain caffeine that can disrupt your sleep or leave you feeling on edge. If you're looking for a healthier natural option for your afternoon pick-me-up, lemongrass tea may be the perfect choice. 

The tea made with lemongrass, also known as Gavati Chaha, offers many benefits that make it a wise substitute for your regular caffeinated tea habits. Due to its lack of caffeine, it won't contribute to insomnia, anxiety or other side effects linked to consuming caffeine late in the day. Instead, compounds like geranial and neral provide gentle energy without the inevitable crash later. This allows your body to unwind easily come bedtime.

Another bonus is the naturally uplifting and digestive aid properties of fresh lemongrass. Traditional medicine has long been used to calm stomach issues while also boosting mood. With just one cup, say goodbye to stress or an upset tummy and hello to calm and clarity. The antioxidants also nourish your body with an energy source it can rely on for hours without unhealthy highs and lows. 

The fresh citrus flavour profile of Gavati Chaha is sure to win you over as well. No need to doctor up plain lemongrass tea with additions - its bright and cheerful taste stands alone. Steaming mugs offer relief from afternoon doldrums far better than another insipid cup of water ever could. Staying properly hydrated sets the stage for a restful evening while nutritional compounds like polyphenols fight free radicals in your body.


To make lemongrass tea your new everyday staple, simply soak 1-2 teaspoons of dried leaves in hot water. Allow 5-7 minutes for optimal antioxidant and oil extraction before filtering-out. Enjoy its golden colour and refreshing notes for an easy lift as the day winds down. Discovering lemongrass tea may revitalise your entire perspective on afternoon beverages. 

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